About Johnson Matthey Piezo Products GmbH

Johnson Matthey Piezo Products GmbH (formally Argillon GmbH) is a world leading manufacturer of technical ceramics. It focuses on the development and production of catalysts and emissions control systems and the manufacture of piezo ceramics. The Johnson Matthey Group headquartered in London has operations in over 30 countries and employs around 8,700 people. Johnson Matthey's principal activities are the manufacture of autocatalysts, heavy duty diesel catalysts and pollution control systems, catalysts and components for fuel cells, catalysts and technologies for chemical processes, fine chemicals, chemical catalysts and active pharmaceutical ingredients and the marketing, refining, and fabrication of precious metals. (www.matthey.com)

Since November 2008 the former Insulators and Alumina business units are part of the Lapp Insulators GmbH in Wunsiedel. (www.lapp-insulator.de)

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