Piezoelectric Ceramics and Electronics in a perfect combination

From piezoelectric ceramic elements to piezoelectric modules
Johnson Matthey Piezoproducts is well-known for its competence in development and production in all areas of electrical engineering and electronics. This helps us to find piezo solutions for all types of industry. We are able to correctly match all of the ceramic and electronic parts to one another and to supply them as a module according to the individual customer requirements. We supply you with a complete system for control, actuator and sensor modules.

Piezoelectric ceramics cover a wide range of applications
The two key features used are deflection and controlling force which are applied variably in different actuator systems.
We have specialized in piezoelectric modules. A complete piezo system - such as, for example, a control module for textile machines - consists of the "piezoelectric ceramic bending actuator" component, the housing and the actuating electronics. Optionally, we can add a control computer to the system. In close cooperation with you, we work on achieving the best possible individual piezo solution to meet all of your requirements.

Other applications on request.

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