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New Organization of the Piezo Business

With effect from 1st of December 2014 the Business Unit Piezoproducts of Johnson Matthey Catalysts (Germany) GmbH has been established as a separate company under the name Johnson Matthey Piezo Products GmbH.

Welcome to Johnson Matthey Piezo Products

For 40 years we have been in Redwitz, developing, producing and marketing piezoelectric ceramics, piezo components and piezo modules in accordance with the individual requirements and kinds of application specified by customers world-wide. Research, development, production, quality control in Germany!

Made in Germany

Piezoproducts made in Redwitz, Germany

  • More than 40 years of experience
  • Main products are bending elements, atomizers, modules and devices
  • Customized products for different actuator and sensor applications – as well as for energy harvesting
  • Market leader for piezo bending actuators (bimorphs/trimorphs)
  • Over 100,000,000 piezo products produced

Advantages of our piezoelectric ceramics, piezo components and piezo modules

  • Piezos suitable for aggressive oils and high relative air humidity
  • Long term partnerships from the idea to series production
  • The piezo bending actuator produces no heat, therefore no cooling is required
  • Energy consumption is lower compared to the electromagnet which results in reduced operating costs
  • High positioning speed results in significantly increased productivity.
  • Higher reliability reduces downtime
  • The compact construction of the piezo bending actuators requires significantly less space
  • Silent operation provides the most ergonomic possible workplace
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