Energy Transfer with piezoelectric ceramics
Johnson Matthey Piezoproducts convince in application - Energy Generation as an exciting process

The SENSOR + TEST fair offers the opportunity of professional exchange at the highest international level. (Photo: JM Piezoproducts)

Energy Harvesting, the technology of energy generation from the environment or from the mechanical deformation of ceramics – as in this particular case of piezoelectric ceramics - has diverse fields of application.

Udo Zipfel, Head of Sales and Purchasing at Johnson Matthey Piezoproducts, emphasizes that, for example, wireless data transfer no longer requires an external power supply or batteries.

This kind of energy generation by means of piezoelectric ceramics is employed in the field of energy-autonomous wireless systems. Possible applications are wireless switches using no batteries or external power supplies for control tasks or for radio transmitters of tyre pressure sensors. In the field of automation technology, too, there are applications in which sensors are powered battery-free by using piezoelectric ceramics. 

"A mechanical deformation of the piezoelectric ceramics or the piezoelectric ceramic component is used to produce energy", as Zipfel explains the role of the piezoelectric ceramics. "In the simplest case, a piezoceramic disc is deformed by pressure or tensile stress. In other cases, bending or torsion elements may be deformed." The electrical energy is won by tapping off the load arising at the electrodes due to the deformation of the piezoelectric ceramics. In order to achieve a maximum generation of energy, care must be taken during mechanical deformation of the piezoceramic that the mechanical stresses arising in each case all show the same direction. The generated electric charges will then also have the same polarity.  

Zipfel illustrates the principle: "In the simplest case, think of it like this: By pressing a light switch the piezoelectric ceramic is deformed. The electrical energy thus generated is sufficient to operate an electronic unit that transmits a radio signal to a receiver - for example, to a lamp - causing it to light up ".

Once again at this year's SENSOR + TEST fair in Nuremberg, one of the world's leading trade fairs for sensor technology, measurement and testing technology, the Redwitz company presented its product range: piezoceramic actuators and sensors that are used, for example, in textile machines, automobiles, medical devices and industrial products.

But the focus was on products for sensors and energy harvesting applications using piezo technology - which at the same time was the central theme of its trade fair presentation.

"We are very pleased with the outcome of this year's 'SENSOR + TEST' fair", as Udo Zipfel, Head of Sales and Purchasing of Piezoproducts, emphasizes.  "The fair is an ideal platform for us to showcase our products to an international audience. Moreover it is held in Nuremberg, right on our doorstep. The professional exchange at the highest international level is of great interest in terms of know-how and globalization for most of the trade visitors." 

Today, at an appropriate distance in time to the fair in mid-May, Zipfel is able to draw a positive balance for the Upper Franconian company with regards to the "SENSOR + TEST" fair. We received many international visitors. Good and promising contacts were made which we will continue to expand in the coming months. Also, we again had good opportunities of refreshing our existing contacts."  Johnson Matthey Piezoproducts not only considers the sales aspects but also the purchase aspects of the fair. "We are not only represented as an exhibitor of our products at the SENSOR + TEST fair, we are also always interested to find potential suppliers of new and innovative components that we can use for our products. We regard the exhibition as a success in this respect, too."


Redwitz, July 2013

Johnson Matthey Piezoproducts

For more than 30 years Johnson Matthey Piezo Products Division has developed and manufactured piezoelectric ceramics, piezoelectric ceramic components and complete systems with mechanical and electronic components and has sold them worldwide.

Each piezoelectric bending actuator and each system solution is developed, designed and implemented in a customer-oriented way. The Piezo products from Redwitz are employed in automotive and medical fields, being used as needle control systems in textile machines and as piezoelectric atomizers in inhalation therapy. The company is world market leader for textile piezo systems and piezo bending actuators for pneumatic valves and Braille. 

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