Braille cell
with 32 dots
Build your customized Braille displays and screen readers with our compact 4 x 8 pin cell
Braille cell with 32 dots
Build your customized Braille displays and screen readers with our compact 4 x 8 pin cell

Cost-efficient solutions for Braille displays

The production of high-quality braille readers requires a reliable supplier with long practical experience. The development and production of Piezo technology for Braille displays is one of the oldest core competences of HOERBIGER Motion Control.

Based on proven knowledge and on well-known quality and efficiency, HOERBIGER Motion Control developed a compact and cost-effective Braille cell with Piezo-ceramic bending actuators, mechanics and basic electronic parts (required for connection and control).

The original Braille arrangement of 6 raised dots have been extended to a matrix of 8 pins (4 dots per column) enabling 256 possible combinations in one cell. Our module offers four cells. The 32 pins in a single module allows you to streamline components and production processes — take advantage of this scalable solution for the production of Braille modules for Braille readers, displays and lines:

Engineered and designed for cost efficiency
Time-saving service, dismantling, cleaning
Pins won´t fall out during cell disassembly
Compact in size to fit into many device designs
Cost-saving Braille cell with 4×8 Piezo benders

4×8 Module dimensions

25.57 x 60.2 x 9.9 mm
(13.7 mm incl. cap) /
1.00 x 2.37 x 0.39 inch
(0.54 inch incl. cap)

Dot spacing

2.4 mm /
0.1 inch

Tactile pin stroke

0.75 mm /
0.03 inch

Tactile force

≥ 0.17 N

Quality & durability

outstanding quality
made in Germany

Drive electronics

including basic electronic parts required for connecting and driving

Tactile caps

with interaction button


unlimited module combinations for braille devices of pins 4×8, 8×8, 12×8, 16×8, 20×8 … 40×8 … 80×8 and larger

Worldwide pioneers in moving ideas

HOERBIGER Motion Control Piezo Products offers 3 value-adding competencies:

In close cooperation with our partners, we decide together on the best solution for their applications.

HOERBIGER Motion Control is a major supplier for Braille applications worldwide. Many market-leading braille manufacturers rely on our experience and the high quality “made in Germany”. Our quality management system enables us to maintain very high quality standards. Today millions of fingertips feel the tactile feedback generated by our Piezoelectric systems.

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    Moving more than pins for Braille displays

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    HOERBIGER Motion Control Piezo Products is your one-stop partner, offering motion and more from one source.

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