Value chain
We have a relentless focus on safety, efficiency and excellence. This focus extends beyond our gates and spans our whole value chain: from ‘before JM’ and how we source raw materials; how we run every aspect of our operations at ‘JM’; and ‘after JM’, when our products are used by our customers at the end of our products’ useful life.

Before JM

The value chain for the commodities that go into our products comprises our suppliers, and we have policies and processes in place to manage our key relationships and risks within both our Procurement function and as part of our ethics and compliance framework.

Our Procurement Excellence programme will drive further value and efficiency.
Modern slavery
JM is proactively taking steps to ensure high ethical standards throughout our value chain.
Responsible sourcing
A key pillar of our Procurement Excellence programme, as well as one of our sustainable business goals.
Human rights
We support the principles set out in the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Labour Organisation Core Conventions.

The heart of our value chain

Our own operations are at the centre of our value chain. It is here that we have the greatest control over our environmental impacts.

Manufacturing excellence
In 2012, we put in place our Manufacturing Excellence programme to encourage a culture of continuous improvement to drive operational efficiency and reduce cost.
Safe use of materials
We seek to replace chemicals with significant potential to harm human health or the environment, where safer and economic alternatives are available.
Low carbon operations
One of our sustainable business goals to 2025 is to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 25% per unit of production output.
Renewable energy
28% of the electricity we consumed during the year came from certified renewable energy sources.

After JM

Immediately downstream of our operations are our customers. We work closely and collaboratively with them to develop the products they need to go into their own manufacturing. The products we sell to our customers often form an important part of the end product supplied to the user.

Product stewardship and toxicology
We set ourselves high standards. It's essential to our business that we identify and mitigate any risk to our portfolio.
Product lifecycle regulatory compliance
We use a systematic product responsibility reporting scheme to monitor the performance of our operations and maintain surveillance of the company’s products and services.
Climate change disclosures and benchmarking
We disclose our environment, social and governance (ESG) performance through the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) climate change programme.
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