3D printing and Additive manufacturing using Piezo technology

Produce formely impossible products and simplify the manufacture of complex components

Κατασκευή προσθέτων

More than 50 different technical processes have become established worldwide in industrial additive manufacturing. The well-known selective laser melting consists of two steps: In the first step, the powder is uniformly distributed on a flat bed by a powder conveyor.

Then the material is melted with the help of a laser. The additive manufacturing uses many 3D-printing principles, where a materials, powders, fluids, binders etc. need to be dosed and positioned within their processes.

Highest resolutions

Whenever small amounts of materials, powders or fluids need to be dispensed or positioned in an industrial process, engineers rely on piezo-based solutions. Well known since the late 1970s is the piezo inkjet technology in printers.

With piezo actuator arrays high resolutions can easily be achieved, whereas such array consists of many small scale piezo bending actuators.

Benefits of Piezo

Composite material, particles, polymers and fluids

Piezo technology allows the droplet size to be controlled by electrical pulses of varying strengths and very small amounts of liquid (in the range of a few picolitres) to be sprayed specifically onto the powder.

A piezo element is used to control a jet that exits through a nozzle in a printing head. The piezo actuator deforms briefly as it exits, creating high pressure on the printing liquid. The droplets are ejected from the print head at high speeds between 10 m/s and 40 m/s. Reversing the polarity causes the piezo actuator to deform in the other direction, thus preventing the liquid from exiting the nozzle any further.

The drop speed (20,000 προς την 40,000 drops per second) can be modified according to the application requirements and by the help of our innovative piezo technology, the highest resolutions can be easily achieved. Similarly, very small amounts of powder can be easily positioned via an actuator matrix with many piezo valves.

Even with the smallest piezo actuators:

Think big and scale to your application

Piezo actuators opens up new possibilities when feeding powder to the drying bed in high capacity at maximum speed. Energy-efficient and reliable piezo actuators can be easily mounted for any powder conveying technology in the first production step. Tiny piezo actuators achieve high packing density both at the powder output and at the print head when using liquids to cure the material structure.

Due to the small sizes of piezo actuators, it is natural to mentally associate piezo solutions with density-relevant actuator applications; but piezo also invites you to think big! Whenever motion, positioning or dispensing is required within a process, piezo systems can easily be scaled up!

Imagine a print head with hundreds of tiny piezo actuators producing large quantities at top production speeds! Huge parts, π.χ. from the aerospace industry or shipbuilding, can thus be printed three-dimensionally!

Piezo moves your ideas

Piezo actuators can easily be used as an innovative solution in a wide range of additive manufacturing processes, such as Furan Direct Binding, Selective Laser Melting or Selective Laser Sintering (SLM / SLS), Laser Powder Bed Fusion (LPBF) and Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS).

Piezo is moving globally and Piezo is moving ideas. How about your need for motion? Let´s talk about innovative solutions, brought to you by a global player in Piezo technology. Είμαστε στο πλευρό σας, feel free to contact us! Research, ανάπτυξη, production and quality control in Germany: Far beyond than just "Κατασκευασμένο στη Γερμανία".

For almost half a century we have been developing, producing and marketing piezoelectric ceramics, piezo components and piezo modules in accordance with the individual requirements. We have successfully implemented incredible multi-faceted types of applications specified by customers worldwide.

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