Piezo materials are very demanding in development, production and further processing.

Development based on standard Piezo products

With decades of experience in producing advanced materials, we can help developers and engineers to find the best and most affordable way to realize their product and application ideas with the help of piezo technology. We have a broad portfolio of standard products and technologies, such as:

• Piezoceramics (for example our M1100 piezoceramic)
• Piezo actuators (e.g. bending transducers)
• Piezo modules (e.g. actuator modules)



Customer and OEM Piezo requirements

For customer or OEM requirements, we continuously develop the basis of our Piezo standard products, adapt them to the respective requirements or add new ones, such as:

• Development and selection of ideal piezo ceramics
• Electrode and carrier materials depending on the application and further processing
• Geometry variations of piezo components (thickness, length, width, etc.)
• Adjustment of piezo component characteristics (e.g. deflection, blocking force, etc.)
• Coating according to the respective environmental influences


Our experts will gladly advise you from the idea to product implementation.

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