Piezo Ultrasonic Atomizers

Small droplets - important advantages

With the use of piezoelectric ultrasonic transducers there is no difficulty in keeping the required droplet size very constant. These transducers provide you with extremely homogeneous aerosols.

Piezo ultrasonic atomizer in comparison

The use of ultrasonic atomizers is more flexible and more economical than the use of conventional humidifiers as fluid consumption is considerably reduced, downtime is shortened and much less energy is required for atomisation. Apart from that, the atomizers take up a considerably smaller amount of space.
Another positive secondary aspect: if required, piezoelectric ceramic ultrasonic atomizers can be used as a free room cooling device.


Piezoelectric ceramic ultrasonic atomizers are distinguished by their low energy requirement, low maintenance costs and long working life as well as the fact that their droplet distribution is adjustable according to your specific kind of use.

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