Our Piezo Products remain on track for sustained success and exceeds expectations despite pandemic

Every business year brings unforeseeable challenges, the last two in particular. All of us, companies and individuals alike, find ourselves in the midst of a global health crisis with far-reaching economic implications. Despite numerous restrictions in areas of everyday life as well as in the work environment, JM Piezo Products was able to achieve and even exceed the economic goals we had set for ourselves. We are very proud and grateful for this — to our employees and clients alike.

In the past 18 months, we have won a lot of new projects.  Together with our innovative customers, we have realized acute problem solutions in the shortest possible time. Especially in medical-technical applications we could contribute with our know-how about piezoceramic systems to the health of people worldwide in the severe situation of the pandemic. 

Not only our innovative approaches for microfluidic solutions (transporting and dosing of smallest amounts of liquids) have been in demand as never before in the recent past. The atomization of liquids by ultrasonic oscillation of piezoceramics is now more important and in greater demand than ever. Medication via the respiratory tract can be reliably achieved by state-of-the-art ultrasonic nebulizers, both in clinical inpatient and outpatient applications. Electromechanical systems have also been able to manifest innovative solutions in the past year and a half through the use of piezoelectric actuators and, above all, economically dominate electro-magnetic application approaches through many advantages. 

For the coming fiscal year 2021/22, which did begin at JMPP on April 1st, we have set our sights very high: We are continuing on the road to success, sometimes from the home office, sometimes on the spot, where we are needed. The last few months have shown that our corporate philosophy allows us to work this way without any problems. We are happy about every day when colleagues can see each other in person at our plant and work hand in hand to implement future-oriented systems for our customers. We have grown successfully and sustainably through the challenges of the pandemic – together with clients from all over the world who face the same challenges. We have achieved much that was previously unimaginable. We say thank you for the fruitful and innovative collaboration – especially during this difficult time of the COVID-19 pandemic. Through inspiring technology and science, we were able to share the successful collaboration from idea to serial production with customers, partners and employees more than ever before.