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Piezo technology opens up new possibilites

Well-established and future-proof

पीजो द्वारा संचालित नवीन औद्योगिक प्रक्रियाएँ

Piezo actuators and sensors are well established in various application fields within industry and consumer oriented electronics.Using Piezo technology as smart electromechanical system allows designs with less space, less demand for energy, more reliability and more efficiency.

सटीक पुनरावृत्ति सटीकता और आनुपातिक विक्षेपण के साथ उच्च गति और लंबे जीवनकाल के कारण, अधिकांश सूक्ष्म आंदोलनों के लिए पीजो को प्राथमिकता दी जाती है, माइक्रो पोजिशनिंग या माइक्रोफ्लुइडिक. माइक्रो पंप या अन्य खुराक प्रणाली न केवल चिकित्सा या प्रयोगशाला प्रौद्योगिकी में एक पूर्वनिर्धारित अनुप्रयोग है.

औद्योगिक खुराक प्रक्रियाओं के लिए माइक्रोलीटर या नैनोलीटर की सीमा में सटीक मात्रा की आवश्यकता होती है. कम से कम खुराक चक्र या सबसे कम प्रवाह नियंत्रण पैटर्न के भीतर पाइज़ोस अधिक सटीक हैं, और तेज, more economical and more reliable than other conventional solutions.

Moving fluids, controlling flows

Pneumatic valves such as for electro-pneumatic position regulators for opening and closing pipelines are perfect to build upon our technology. Piezo benders are regularly used in valves for Industrial and Medical applications. We have a production capacity of many million Piezo benders to cover the demands of these markest In collaboration together with our customers we develop adequate modules or systems for micro dosing or any kind of flow control for various media.

Piezoceramics and Piezo components, including single or double benders, in indirect and direct/ proportional valves are perfectly enabling those to control media / fluids in reproducible very small quantities depending on viscosity, time and speed.

Tactile feedback for outstanding UX

In addition to the implementation of high-performance dosing, उदाहरण के लिए:. coating processes (and even in the ink jet printer, found in almost every home-office), there is much more potential in Piezo. New technologies try to harmonize digital process into physikal circumstances. Tactile feedback is very important for any user experience in an increasing smart world. By interacting with digitizers, touchscreens or any other new input devices, human beings need a haptic experience for full and successful integration.

Digitalization has only just began and interacting input on varous surfaces or even within augmented reality is still within a kind of alpha version. Only when smart actuator systems are giving taptical feedback to the interacting user the technology will have a sensational breakthrough. Gloves or even suits with integrated Piezo actuators can be seamlessly integrated into a complete virtual reality technology.

A human being needs certain sensory and actuator stimulations to be able to use a corresponding environment or technology successfully. Piezo has a number of great advantages in these future-oriented technologies.

Piezo will play a crucial role on these solutions. Never forget that every actuator can be used as sensor at the same time. Haptic confirmation via vibration as tactile feedback allows sensory control with just one element at the same time. Let uns work together, bringing technology to people and integrating help, informations or entertaining into a new levelinnovative and durable!

Piezo for wireless solutions

Due to the dualism of actuator and sensor at the same time, developing a control element accompanied with an executing element is much easier. The bender can sense pressure changes and convert it into voltage. The processing unit may use this signal to initiate an action as deflecting, positioning or moving with the same bender.

Two important requirements within an efficient system design are fulfilled from just one Piezo element. We just call this property “smart”, and you?

An independent placed light switch, activated by a human, can generate (via the Piezo bender) an electrical energy voltage for transmitting a radio signal to a hub or receiver. Think wireless, think Piezo!

Industrial atomizing

Beside these application-field there is still another huge range of solutions where Piezo pays off several advantages. Our Piezo ultrasonic atomizer LIQUIFOG® was specially developed for humidifying in refrigerated cabinets. Today AUTOFOG and LIQUIFOG are performing in many different applications. The Piezo ultrasound Atomizer can be found in solutions for humidification, कीटाणुशोधन, स्वास्थ्य देखभाल, कल्याण, उद्योग या शीतलन काउंटर counter – even up to agricultrual use!

Solution architects for your ideas

Johnson Matthey Piezo products serves many customers around the world with innovative applications based on piezo. We offer the full range, from ceramics to bending transducers to electro-mechanical piezo modules, delivered assembled ready for start. With only one-stop you can start a short-term development and long-term successful partnership. हम आपके पक्ष में हैं!

Our hands-on practical experience in the development and optimization of every important component always pay off for our customers. Best quality made in Germany is our guideline — not only for our highly scalable production. We think, quality begins with the conception. Let us inspire you and let us move your ideas together — of course with Piezo products. We are looking forward to your contact.

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