Piezo Bending Actuator (bimorph/trimorph)

If two piezoelectric ceramic plates are bonded together with a supporting material and counter-actuated, this results in a pronounced deformation of the composite similar to the case of a bimetal.

Its design enables deflections of several millimetres, forces up to several Newton and short deflection times to be achieved. Therefore, the piezo bending actuator can be employed as a high performance and fast-reacting control element.

Due to the high speed of deflection, productivity is increased many times over compared to the use of electromagnets. As a result of its compact design, the piezo bending actuator takes up significantly less space. Its energy requirement compared to that of the electromagnets is also considerably lower, which is reflected in the low operating costs.

One advantage is its high reliability - downtime periods become a rare exception. Our piezo bending actuators have a working life of more than 1 billion switching cycles. The piezo bending actuator  is modifiable to suit the application and is therefore an extremely versatile control element.

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