Piezo replaces Magnet (electromagnet, solenoid)

Piezo bending actuators can fully demonstrate their benefits, compared to electro-magnetic solutions, in many applications where up-to some millimeters of deflection and forces of up-to some Newton are required.

In many such applications solenoids are used, because Piezo is a lesser known solution – but in fact Piezo solutions have many advantages:

  • Compared to electromagnets Piezo benders smaller size and design requires significantly less space and enhances miniaturization
  • Other than solenoids Piezo benders do not generate electromagnetic disturbance, this allows for example high packing densities, as the actuators do not interfere with each other electromagnetically
  • Electromagnets are relative heavy – Piezo actuators are lighter in weight allowing devices with lower vibrations and overall light weight designs
  • Solenoids generate heat, but Piezo bending actuators produce no heat, therefore no cooling is required
  • Electromagnets have high energy requirements, whereas Piezo has extremely low energy consumption and allows new applications where energy efficiency is crucial
  • Piezo means rapid positioning speed and frequency for significantly increased application variety and productivity
  • Piezo offers proportional actuation deflection and force to the applied electrical voltage
  • Electromagnets are relative loud, Piezo in comparison is silent in operation – which provides best suitability where ergonomics matter
  • Piezo means long-term durability and reliability with usual life times for example in textile applications above 10^9 cycles
Extremely low energy consumption
Extremely low energy consumption - Piezo replaces Magnet
Light in weight
Light in weight - Piezo replaces Magnet
Ex - intrinsic safety
Ex - intrinsic safety - Piezo replaces Magnet
Antimagnetic - Piezo replaces Magnet
Remotely controlled
Remotely controlled
Rapid positioning speed
Rapid positioning speed - Piezo replaces Magnet
No heat production
No heat production - Piezo replaces Magnet
Cost reduction potential
Cost reduction potential - Piezo replaces Magnet
Proportional - Piezo replaces Magnet
Silent operation
Silent operation - Piezo replaces Magnet
Long-term durability and reliability
Long-term durability and reliability - Piezo replaces Magnet
Small size
Small size - Piezo replaces Magnet
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