Tactile Feedback

Johnson Matthey Piezoproducts has developed prototypes of a touch screen with tactile feedback.

Passive perception of mechanical impressions is also called tactile perception and is a constituent part of the sense of touch. Tactile perception is possible due to the existence of mechanoreceptors in the skin.

Johnson Matthey Piezoproducts has developed a tactile system with piezo elements which allows an individual setting not only of the indication of pressure but also of the kind of feedback.

The generated haptics can be achieved by vibration or, for example, by a click pulse.

In this case, by actuating a haptic touchpad, a special piezoelectric component is gated which by feeding an electric signal deforms and consequently transmits a mechanical signal to the display.

If the tactile feedback is to be effected as a pulse, then the piezoelectric component has to be actuated by a rectangular pulse. If vibration is intended, it is recommended to work with a frequency of ca. 240 Hz, a level at which fingers show high sensitivity.
The piezoelectric component consists of an epoxy resin plastic piezoceramic composite system and can be operated with a voltage as low as 20V and upwards.
The feedback component can also be employed to detect pressing of a touch screen and, therefore, has diverse applications.

Johnson Matthey Piezoproducts is always pleased to advise you in order to achieve the best solution for your application.

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