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Johnson Matthey Piezoproducts at the electronica 2010 in Munich. The business division Piezoproducts of the Johnson Matthey Company presented its range of products at this year's electronica in Munich. For several years already, Piezoproducts has been taking part in this leading worldwide fair for components, systems and electronic applications, with this year once again drawing to a positive close.


"The electronica is an important forum for us to present our products and the numerous possibilities which are offered by Piezo to an international audience", emphasized Udo Zipfel, Head of Purchasing and Sales. At the same time, however, the fair was also an optimum platform to become acquainted with innovations and new and interesting products from other sectors.

To quote Zipfel: "The electronica has also been serving as a source of ideas for our own further developments for many years. This year, too, the fair showed forward-looking new developments once again, in which connection Piezo products can recognize advantages early on and long-term and realize these. It is exactly with Piezo products where innovations for the customer and for us are often the beginning of a long and good cooperation with a healthy growth."

Piezo ceramics can generally be used for varied purposes - correspondingly, Johnson Matthey offers Piezo products for actuator and sensor applications, but also Piezo generators and atomizers.
The company develops, finishes and sells Piezo ceramics, Piezo ceramic construction elements and complete systems with mechanical and electronic components worldwide.

Piezoproducts manufactures shaped parts, such as plates, disks, strips or rings. Over and above, the company makes construction elements, this means Piezo ceramics compounded with other materials; Piezo ceramic bending actuators are the core of production here. In addition, Piezoproducts is specialized in component assembly. In this case, complete systems are involved which consist of Piezo construction elements, casings and corresponding control electronics.

Piezo products by Johnson Matthey are mainly found in automobile and medical applications, both as needle control systems in textile machines and as Piezo atomizers in inhalation therapy. Moreover, the Piezo ceramics manufactured in Redwitz have been used for decades in valve applications and for Braille reading devices for the blind.

For all areas of application, the company works together with the customer to find the individually tailored and optimum Piezo solution. In this way, the customers benefit from experience covering more than 30 years. Until the present day, Johnson Matthey has sold more than 100,000,000 Piezo products throughout the world. The company is market leader for textile Piezo systems as well as for Piezo bending actuators in numerous application areas.

Redwitz, November 2010

Johnson Matthey Catalysts (Germany) GmbH is a leading manufacturer of technical ceramics worldwide. The principal activities of the company lie in the development and production of catalysts for the reduction of nitric oxide emissions as well as the manufacture of Piezo ceramics. The Johnson Matthey Group, with its headquarters in London, has around 8,700 employees in more than 30 countries. The concern concentrates on the manufacture of auto catalysts, heavy duty diesel catalysts, catalysts and systems for power stations, industrial plants, marine ships and locomotives, catalysts and components for fuel cells, catalysts and technology for chemical processes, fine chemicals, chemical catalysts, active pharmaceutical ingredients and the mining, refining and sales of precious metals.

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