International Partnering for MedTech & Pharma

Innovations in the healthcare system are realised by interdisciplinary collaboration of various sectors of industry and the resulting successful cooperation projects.

Udo und Tom vorm Wirtshaus

The „Partnering for MedTech & Pharma“ on 17 June 2015 in Garching offered potential business partners an ideal platform to initiate promising contacts in bilateral discussions.

130 experts from the healthcare industry exchanged ideas on a bilateral basis on possibilities of cooperation in the development, production, marketing or application of innovative products and solutions.

With the Forum MedTech Pharma, Bayern Innovativ implemented a total of 520 individual meetings for 100 companies and institutes from 10 countries in one day. The matchmaking service on site enabled numerous other meetings to be arranged at short notice upon request.

For Udo Zipfel, Head of Purchasing, Logistics and Sales of Johnson Matthey Piezo Products GmbH, the Partnering for MedTech & Pharma was a highly effective opportunity of establishing many contacts within a short time. “The event was a great success for us in two respects: On the one hand, purchasing representatives as well as local sales representatives were present so that we could express our concerns in both directions. On the other hand, we have gathered new ideas and suggestions for future developments. I highly recommend this event format and look forward to the next one.”

According to this year's participant survey, the concept is very efficient - in six out of ten talks the contacts made could result in a very promising follow-up activity.

Among others, network organizations from Japan, Switzerland, Austria and the Netherlands that were able to provide information concerning access to other markets were popular partners for a dialogue. The group of participants ranged from renowned medical technology and pharmaceutical manufacturers such as Siemens Healthcare, Sanofi Aventis, Richard Wolf and technology providers such as Johnson Matthey Piezo Products GmbH, AEMtec, Harmonic Drive, Dualis, through to research institutes such as the Institute of Microstructure Technology in Karlsruhe or various Fraunhofer Institutes.

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