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Piezoceramics, rafeindatækni og vélfræði

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Mechatronic systems
with Piezo, rafeindatækni og vélfræði

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Perfect combination
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from ceramics and benders to

Piezoelectric modules

Johnson Matthey Piezo Products is well known for its competence in development and production in all areas of electrical engineering, rafeindatækni og vélfræði. This enables us to find Piezo solutions for all types of industry.

Piezoelectric ceramics cover a wide range of applications. The two key features used are deflection and force which are applied variably in different actuator systems. Focused on micro system technology we work closely with our customers to achieve the best possible solution for every requirement.

Piezo tækni “Made í Þýskalandi”

From a qualitative and innovative point of view, “Made í Þýskalandi” is our daily motivation for our team and for our customers. Our claim to highest quality is deeply connected to our roots in the heart of Germany, engineering and producing in Redwitz (Bavaria) since the 1970s.

We are able to correctly match ceramic and electronic parts together and to supply them as a module according to individual customer requirements. We can supply a complete system for control, actuator and sensor modules.

Piezo ceramics as core technology plus mechanics and electronic

Customized modules and devices

With our long experience in solution focused development, design and production of reliable Micro-Electro-Mechanical systems our customers profit from maximal benefits, minimal application costs and short development cycles.

We continuously develop the basis of our Piezo standard products, adapt them to the respective requirements or add new ones. Our focus have always been on engineering electronics and controlling smart Piezo actuators to provide customized solutions for a wide variety of applications.

  • Development and selection of ideal Piezo ceramics
  • Electrode and carrier materials depending on the application and further processing
  • Geometry variations of Piezo components (thickness, length, width, etc.)
  • Adjustment of Piezo component characteristics (e.g. deflection, blocking force, etc.)
  • Coating according to the respective environmental influences

One-stop, all-in partnership

Customers´ needs and OEM requirements

A SITEX® module, used within circular knitting textile machines, consists for example of the “Piezoelectric ceramic bending actuator“ component, mechanical parts and driving electronics. Optionally we can add a control computer to the system. We work closely with our customers to achieve the best possible solution for their requirements.

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