Piezoelectric áhrif
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Working principle of bending actuators and sensors

Piezo bending actuator

When two piezoelectric ceramic plates are bonded together with a supporting material and counter-actuated, this results in a pronounced deformation of the composite similar to the case of a bimetal. Its design enables deflections of several millimetres or forces up to several Newton and a short cycle time of a few milliseconds can be achieved.

Því, the Piezo bending actuator can be employed as a high performance and fast-reacting control element. Due to the high speed of deflection, productivity is higher compared to the use of electromagnets. Vegna þess að samningur um hönnun, piezo beygja actuator tekur upp verulega minna pláss.

The contraction of the ceramic when the operating voltage is applied results in deflection and force on the tip of the bending actuator. Or, if a force is applied to the tip, this generates an electrical charge.

Piezo bending sensor

Piezo ceramic benders can also be used as sensors. Bending generates a charge/ a voltage on both ceramic layers. Parallel connecting both ceramics layers will add their charge.

Thus they are suitable for measuring big and small movements, vibrations, accelerations and for energy harvesting. Our Piezo benders usually have a working life of more than a billion cycles.

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