Piezo bending actuators
Less energy demand, higher speed, no heat, silent operation and smaller space

Predestined actuator for smart applications

Piezoceramic bender

Whenever an application needs movement, positioning, displacement or any other kind of motion, the best type of actuator must be found. The development of innovative solutions is accompanied by the selection of ideal mechanical, electrical, thermal, magnetic and other actuator technologies. Speed, acceleration, power and of course energy consumption are critical operating parameters.

Comparing all the performance metrics, you will soon discover that Piezoelectric benders are perfect for many applications that you have never thought of. Piezoceramics outperform many competitive technologies, since every Piezo actuator can also be used as a Piezo sensor.

Since our bending actuators are only operated in the direction of polarization, these smart actuators experience a refreshment during each bending process. The deflection and the force are maintained throughout the entire working life. Due to the very high speed of deflection, productivity is increased many times compared to any other types of actuators.

そのコンパクトデザインの結果として, ピエゾ曲げアクチュエータは、大幅に少ないスペースを占有します. Its energy requirement compared to an electromagnet is considerably lower, which is reflected in the low operating costs.

Modifiable Piezo bending actuators to suit your application:

Extremely versatile control element

Customized bending actuators for different applications

For application under special climatic conditions our bending units are additionally provided with a sealant consisting of a specially developed protective coating.

The standard bending actuator is a compound of two piezoceramics with or without an intermediate layer, the so-called bimorph or trimorph. For certain applications monomorphic bending actuators in which one of the two ceramics is not included and multimorphic bending actuators which include numerous active layers are also used.

A special actuator design, but also the use of highly effective ceramics make it possible to meet requirements relating to deflection and force. Bending actuators are predestined to replace solenoids not only in the form of control elements.

Our Piezo bending actuators easily have a working life of many billion switching cycles, smoothly integrated into the application. Because of their high reliability any downtime periods become a rare exception.

Its design enables deflections of several millimetres, forces up to several Newton and short deflection times to be achieved. そこで, the Piezo bending actuator can be employed as a high performance, silent operating and fast-reacting control element without any heat evolution.

Small selection of our actuators

Typical characteristic values

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Piezo technologies made in Germany

Johnson Matthey Piezo Products has been producing Piezoceramic bending elements since the 1980s. We are one of the leading suppliers in many industries, especially in the field of actuators. Our engineering and production site is located since its beginning in the heart of Germany.

Our roots demand the very best quality and innovation from our team and for our customers´ needs around the globe. Made in Germany” is a synonym for providing consistency and highest quality wherever you are. We are continuing to invest in our footprint to ensure we’re best positioned to serve our customers and future demand.

Individual solutions start at the beginning

Johnson Matthey Piezo Products offers many custom Piezo bending actuators. Let us know more about your application and we can offer you the most optimized benders, individually adapted to your requirements. Contact us for all details or find an existing Piezoceramic product within our standard range. Let us move your idea.

Beside our standard selection we offer individual Piezo benders customized to your specifications:

  • Forces from mN up-to several N
  • Deflection from µm up-to several mm
  • Length from 3 まで 100 ミリメートル
  • Width from 0.5 まで 100 ミリメートル

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