It’s not always all about micro-movement, micro-dosing, or ultrasonic nebulization – from mid-February into March, the focus in Kronach was on light and art. Especially today, glimpses of light are more important than ever. JM Piezoproducts is therefore very proud to offer support as a sponsor for “Kronacher Lichtblicke 2021“ – light has always exerted a special fascination on all of us!

Kronach, the neighboring district of our company headquarters, is very well known far beyond the borders of Upper Franconia for a very special recurring event: “Kronach leuchtet” (Kronach lights up) wraps architectural highlights of the romantic old town in mystically enchanting light scenarios every year. Avant-garde lives in installations with and through light effects – so an indescribable spirit, driven by dreams, amazement and art flows through the illuminated installations in Kronach. Due to the ongoing restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, it was not possible to realize “Kronach leuchtet” in 2021. As an alternative, the “Kronacher Lichtblicke” was created. For 24 days, visitors could marvel at the 38 light artworks from their cars and thus also comply with the protection against infection. Via smartphone directly to the visitors, the artworks were explained and Google Maps navigated all night owls safely from one light source to the next.

Although this event has given a lot of strength and motivation for the upcoming challenges of the ongoing pandemic, we wish together with the people of our home and with the organizer that next year “Kronach leuchtet 2022” can take place. We keep our fingers crossed and will do everything technically possible in everyday life to realize the impossible.

Movement starts with an idea, ideas are the foundation of progress and JM Piezoproducts moves ideas – stay healthy!