Contemporary engineering based on smart actuators
Piezo technology opens up new Possibilites

Future-proof development of electro-mechanical Systems

Contemporary designs or even future-oriented technologies can only be achieved through improved, more powerful or application-oriented solutions. At first glance, piezoelectric ceramic may not seem very futuristic or innovative. However, if you look at the properties of this smart material in detail and compare it with the requirements of the respective actuator system design, you can understand what Piezo technology is capable of.

Piezo Actuators and Modules are used for whole body vibration (portable devices) or screen vibration (portable and stationary devices). Motion, based on Piezo actuators, can provide haptic feedback to a surface in many applications.

Think different on motion

A practical example: Augmented Reality (AR) will extend the way we work and life together. This innovation in electronical devices can push medical operations as well as customer oriented entertainment experience or the user experience from everybody.

As a highly sensory being, humans always need a variety of influences (actuators) that stimulate our system and enable actions, in the simple sense also processes. As in science fiction films, no one will be able to tap their fingers successfully in the air and control, scale or operate holograms efficiently. Only with a back pressure on the fingertips does our brain allow such new interface technologies to be used effectively. Only when a vibration acts on the body on a seat can this force be sensed as movement and motor sensation can be reconciled with the visual experience.

In portable and stationary devices, Piezo actuators and modules are used for:

  • whole body stimulation
  • the vibration of user interfaces like screens or other surfaces
  • to provide punctual feedback

Any application within tactile feedback solutions based on Piezoceramics benefit from typical specifications, outplaying many competitive actuator designs:

  • superior energy efficiency
  • highest acceleration — up to several g [m/s²]
  • ultra-fast response time

Control the flow with exact dosings

Due to the high speed and long lifetime with exact repetition accuracy and proportional deflection, Piezo is preferred for most micro movements, micro positioning or microfluidic. Micro pumps or other dosing systems are a predestined application not only in medical or laboratory technology. Industrial dosing processes require exact amounts in the range of microliter or nanoliter.

Within the shortest dosing cycles or shortest flow control patterns Piezos are more precise, faster, more economical and more reliable than any other kind of actuator. Furthermore a piezoelectric actuator can always be a sensor. Movements, changes in pressure, force, etc. can be detected by the benders. Thus, piezo actuators and sensors can be used to precisely control and regulate gas or liquid flows.

Nebulize perfect aerosols

Piezoceramics are used to generate ultrasonic waves for atomizing various liquids without any introduction of heat. Ultrasound Piezo based nebulizing technology for inhalation features outstanding benefits like customized droplet sizes and atomized liquid doses according to the application requirements.

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