Smart material: Piezo ceramics
Optimized for your electrical and mechanical demands

over 2,000
different formulations

In various shapes and sizes
> 100 million
Piezo products manufactured

Piezoelectric ceramics

for the most varied Piezo applications we have produced

more than 100,000,000 ceramic parts

HOERBIGER has a tremendous experience to select the right piezo ceramic composition for the specified application. We select a suitable composition, by this each Piezo Actuator or Piezo Sensor will obtain the required electrical and mechanical properties.

Whether small-scale or large-scale production is chosen will depend on the requirements relating to the type of Piezo ceramic and the demand, so some kinds we produce continually based on constant demand.

In general there are two different manufacturing processes available for the production of the Piezo ceramics, depending on the desired piezo ceramics shapes, sizes and properties.

  • pressing technique – ceramic powder is compressed before sintering.
  • tape casting – the ceramic mass as a liquid (slurry) is casted onto a moving belt and dried, before sintering.

Both manufacturing processes are continuously in operation at Johnson Matthey Piezo Products.

Discover our Piezoceramic masses

Piezoceramics developed by HOERBIGER – Piezo Products from the basic research to production-ready materials. Here are some examples of our Piezoceramic masses.

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HOERBIGER offers piezo ceramic materials from a few pieces up-to high mass production quantities in rectangular and polygonal shapes:

  • bare or
  • metallized, polarized and tested.

Standard production sized Piezo ceramic plates are available in several geometrics:

  • typically 0.1 to 2 mm thick
  • usually several cm long and wide

Customized for your needs

Of course we provide customized dimensions in any quantity with individual thickness, length and width – starting from less than a millimeter up to several centimeters.

For example:
approx. 46.9 x 23 x 0.26 mm, sputter metallized, polarized and tested

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