Piezoelectric ultrasonic atomizer
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Extremely homogeneous aerosols

Piezoceramics are often used to generate ultrasound to atomize liquids such as water or medication. We have been developing and manufacturing components for inhalers and other medical applications for more than 30 years. JM ist always at your side regarding medical requirements and official approvals.

Our customers benefit from our experience with piezo-based ultrasonic atomization technology. Our Piezo technology offers three different methods for ultrasound generation of droplets – always without introduction of heat. Using Piezoceramics to generate ultrasonic waves for mesh nebulizers offers many advantages:

Mesh atomizer

The nebulizing based on vibrating piezoceramic mesh offers many advantages. The liquid reservoir is placed beside a perforated disc (mesh). With thousands of precision-formed holes this disc is surrounded by a piezoelectric material.

Due to the rapid vibration of the piezoceramic element, the fluid will be drawn through the holes of the mesh disc and atomized. The droplets produced are very uniform in size. The suspended aerosol can easily be inhaled into the lungs.

  • Very small respirable droplet sizes can be achieved for medical applications, e.g. (MMAD – Mass Median Aerodynamic Diameter) of less than 4 µm
  • Droplet sizes depend on the diameter
    of the holes in the mesh
  • Typical atomization rate up to 1 ml / min

Cavitation ultrasound

The Piezo component is incorporated into the base of a liquid reservoir whose level must be kept constant at all times. The piezo transducer is driven by a high frequency AC power supply and emits ultrasonic waves which are focused on the surface of the liquid, producing an ultrasonic “nozzle”. Very small droplets are emitted from the resulting cone of liquid at the tip.

The aerosol generation can be regulated by the level of the electrical voltage and by pulse-pause modulation. Of course this way of atomizing works in a closed housing as well as in an open design.

  • Frequency range from 500 kHz up to 3 MHz
  • typical MMAD is frequency dependent, MMAD with atomization of
    water at 1.6 MHz approx. 3-5 µm
  • Typical atomization rate up to 0.5 l / h

Generation of capillary waves

The generation of capillary waves is driven by a piezoelectric ceramic plate mounted under a conal case.

Depending on the application, the liquid is transported onto a surface which is set into vibration by the oscillating piezo element. An aerosol is emitted.

  • Frequency range from 20 kHz up to 500 kHz
  • Typical MMAD with atomization of water at 100 kHz approx. 30 µm
  • Typical atomization rate up to 0.5 l / h

Health care and medical applications

Piezo ultrasonic atomizers for medicaments

Medicaments can be atomized into uniform droplet sizes – and, if required – into droplets of a size suitable for intake by the lungs, which means they take effect more efficiently, as the patient can breathe them in much more easily.

The pocket inhaler Premaire® (Sheffield) can atomize both medicaments for asthma and chronic lung diseases and medicaments for systemic uses.

With the use of piezoelectric ultrasonic transducers there is no difficulty in keeping the required droplet size very constant. These transducers provide you with extremely homogeneous aerosols.

Environmental awareness should underlie every investment decision. Economic viability must go hand in hand with environmental protection. Our piezoelectric ceramic ultrasonic atomizers are used in micro and macro oriented application fields. Beside medical healthcare applications piezo technology is perfect for agricultural use.

Atomizer for water and other liquids

We also provide nebulizers for industrial production lines that require a specific humidity level, for retail cooling counters, the fashion industry and many other applications.

Piezoelectric ceramic ultrasonic atomizers are distinguished by their low energy requirement, low maintenance costs and long working life as well as the fact that their droplet distribution is adjustable according to your specific kind of use. 

  • Small size of the droplets
  • Transportable aerosol
  • Silent operation
  • Atomisation without heat
  • Low power consumption
  • Space-saving size
  • Pressureless operating
  • Long working life

Both of our standard atomizers LIQUIFOG and AUTOFOG can be used within a wide range of applications like in humidification, desinfection, health care, wellness, industry or cooling counters. Apart from that, the atomizers take up a considerably smaller amount of space.

Our piezo ultrasonic atomizer LIQUIFOG® was specially developed for humidifying in refrigerated cabinets and is already successfully performing in many applications. The atomisation level can be variably set from 0 to 100%, that is, why a piezo ultrasonic liquid atomizer is excellently suited to achieve constant air humidity without affecting the room temperature.

Piezo ceramics as core technology plus mechanics and electronics

Ultrasound and atomizing with Piezo technology

Compared to other actuator systems for mirco movement, dosing and atomizing Piezo can provide a never seen before level of precision, stability, repeatability and performance! We open up new possibilities: Benefit from a high bandwith of highspeed working ranges starting at some µm and getting up to several millimeters. Discover more about System Engineering, Prototyping and even Series production from Johnson Matthey Piezo Products.

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