Respiration in Times of Crisis

“The textile machine manufacturer Karl Mayer trusts in the reliable piezoceramic bending actuators from Johnson Matthey Piezo Products for more than 20 years. We are pleased that our piezo technology with segments for single needle selection is used in Karl Mayer warp knitting machines. So we can contribute to the high productivity and efficiency of these textile machines.” explains Udo Zipfel, Head of Procurement, Logistics and Sales. 

KARL MAYER is supporting the production of face masks with machinery and expertise

In many places, face masks are now an essential item for coping with the coronavirus crisis. These masks are required in large quantities, but they are scarce goods. The textile machinery manufacturer KARL MAYER is offering machinery and expertise to produce the urgently needed face coverings in a highly efficient way.

Automated Mask Production on double needle bar raschel machines

In view of the massive shortage of masks, KARL MAYER reacted quickly, and together with partners for production and testing, set up a highly efficient production in record time. Double needle bar raschel machines with jacquard technology from the RDPJ and DJ series featuring E 24, E 28 or E 32 gauges are being used. One of these high-performance machines is able to produce around a quarter of a million masks per month.

The innovative company KARL MAYER initially developed face masks that can be made in high numbers and in a one-step production cycle. In other words, the masks are produced entirely without the need of any sewing work. Two models are available to meet various needs.

Type 1 is suitable for everyday life. Thanks to their 3D shape, these masks have a tight fit and are comfortable to wear. They offer sufficient air exchange, a soft skin feeling and prevent rubbing behind the ears – even if worn for extended periods of time. The masks are reusable. They simply need to be washed and dried before they are reused.

Type 2 provides all the advantages of type 1, but it can be equipped with a replaceable nonwoven lining via a pocket. This increases the filtration capacity, while also ensuring minimum waste after use.

Thanks to jacquard technology, both variants can be provided with different patterns and cutting lines for easy separation of the masks from the base fabric. In the case of 3D masks, cleverly designed cut markings for the ear band mean S and M sizes are available. More information is available in KARL MAYER’s virtual showroom

To ensure the face masks could be used quickly, KARL MAYER equipped zwissTEX with the required machine technology and instructions for the production of the masks. Production began in mid-May 2020. Once the installed KARL MAYER machine is running at full speed, it is possible to produce up to 400 masks per hour or 240,000 pieces per month. At the same time, KARL MAYER is working on reducing the production time for additional machines, so that capacity can be increased as quickly as possible. “We are pleased that we can contribute to greater safety for people with our expertise and machinery,” explains Oliver Mathews, Sales Director of the Warp Knitting Business Unit at KARL MAYER.

Photos / Source © KARL MAYER