Piezoelectric effect
Dimensional change of paraelectric materials influenced by an electric field

Generating ultrasound with Piezoceramics

Piezoelectric ceramic resonators can be set into high-frequency oscillations (ultrasound) by means of defined voltages and are therefore perfect ultrasonic generators. The ultrasonic speed of piezos is often used for cutting procedures, the removal of tartar at the dentist or for imaging diagnostics: Ultrasound screening.

Piezoceramics are therefore predestined for the atomization of liquids or other media not only because of their high reliability. A systematic distinction is made between three proven methods for generating atomization based on piezoceramic elements.

An aerosol (atomized medium) can be generated by cavitation, for example. Focused ultrasonic waves cause small bubbles to explode, thus emitting the aerosol on the surface of the liquid. The stimulation of a surrounding surface (by a piezoceramic) is another option for the reliable atomization of media.

By far the best method is a so-called mesh atomizer. Here very homogeneous aerosols are achieved at low emission speed. A perforated perforated disk (surrounded by piezoceramics) vibrates ultrasonically on the liquid surface and thousands of laser-cut holes emit uniform droplets at low speed.

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