Johnson Matthey Group, Redwitz sitesine açık bir taahhütte bulundu (Lichtenfels bölgesi) Temmuzun 200. yıldönümünde. Simon Farrant, Member of the Group Executive Board, emphasized in his speech: “Johnson Matthey has arrived in the region and will continue to invest here.

Peter Nemmert, Managing Director of Johnson Matthey Catalysts (Almanya) GmbH, was also satisfied with the development of the company, which has been producing catalysts for reducing nitrogen oxide emissions and piezoceramic products in Redwitz since 2008. “Our location stands for innovative catalyst technology of the highest quality, which is also in demand in Japan, one of the most demanding markets,” emphasized Nemmert. Johnson Matthey Piezoproducts GmbH was also the world market leader in the manufacture of piezo bending transducers.

Wilhelm Wasikowski, Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Upper Franconia, was pleased that Redwitz had first developed under Siemens and now with Johnson Matthey into an important location for industrial ceramics.

Johnson Matthey is the global leader in technologies that make the world cleaner and healthier. This year the group celebrated its 200th birthday and celebrated its birthday on July 19 ile 70 parties at 70 locations around the world: following the sun in Japan and ending in California. A party also took place at the location in Redwitz / Rodach, where the group currently employs around 600 people in two companies.

During the celebrations, twelve locations reported on their lives from a live stream. CEO Robert MacLeod opened the series of anniversary celebrations at the Japanese location in Kitsuregawa (Japonya) and then flew to the United States. The last celebration for the 200th anniversary of the Johnson Matthey Group took place there in San Diego (California).

As a symbol of Johnson Matthey’s commitment to a clean environment and sustainable technologies, an elm tree was planted in front of the new production hall. According to Michael Riedel, authorized officer of Johnson Matthey Piezo Products GmbH, an elm tree was chosen because it usually turns 200 için 300 years old.