Dosing powders, liquids and gases
Piezo modules for droplet manipulation and modulation

Valuable and realiable:
Microfluidic systems
based on Piezoelectric actuators

For various media:
Droplet uniformity
at highest level

Small droplets – important advantages

Piezo micropumps and micro valves benefit from the intelligent properties of piezo ceramics. Our bending actuators are more reliable and precise than solenoids.

Piezo components can also be suitable for use in (Ex) explosion-proof areas such as those used in medical and laboratory applications, where intrinsic safety matters. Furthermore many applications benefit from the low energy consumption of the piezoceramic actuators.

Piezo actuators generate no heat and no electromagnetic interference and are also suitable for fast positioning tasks. The ability to adjust proportional pressure dosing with high accuracy completes the list of benefits.

Modules based on piezoelectric ceramics cover a wide range of applications. We focus on microsystem technology and work closely with our customers to find the best possible solution for every requirement. Start metering powders, liquids or gases for your application todayplease contact us for more information and to discuss your project.

Customized Piezo micro pumps and micro-valves

Viscosity, surface tension and media density are just three of many parameters that play a significant role in the dosage of nanoliters. Johnson Matthey Piezo Products offers the complete portfolio for high-quality microfluidic systems: microactuators, controls and system design are our core competencies.

Benefit from our long-term experience and discover fastest dosing cycles with shortest time-to-market: from system design to complete series production, Johnson Matthey Piezo Products is your solution provider and reliable partner.

Dosing small voluminas with highest precision

Applications in diagnostics, medical technology or biotechnology benefit from the high speed and reliability of our Piezo valves and micropumps, based on Piezo technologies. Precise deflection, response times in the range of only 50 µs with frequencies of up to 50 kHz allow extremely short dosing cycles with maximum dynamics. The small space requirement of Piezo actuators results in an extremely compact design and thus ensures maximum efficiency.

Piezo microfluidic modules are not only found in laboratory applications and medical technology. Many industrial applications (예 :. coatings) or consumer electronics also benefit from the high dosing accuracy, small size and good bubble tolerance / drop tolerance with ideal pressure rigidity. In addition to extracorporeal applications (예 :. infusions), piezo micro valves and micropumps based on our Piezo actuators can also operate implants (예 :. intracorporeal medication) easily and safely.

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Piezo가 당신의 아이디어를 움직이게하십시오

Viskosität, Oberflächenspannung und Mediendichte sind nur drei von vielen Parametern, die in der Dosierung von Nanolitern eine beachtliche Rolle spielen. Johnson Matthey Piezo Products bietet das komplette Portfolio für hochwertige Mikrofluidik-Systeme: Piezokeramiken, Aktuatoren, Steuerungen und Systemdesign sind unsere Stärke.

Anwendungen in der Diagnostik, Medizintechnik oder Biotechnologie profitieren von der hohen Geschwindigkeit und Zuverlässigkeit unserer Piezo Ventile oder Mikropumpen. Präzise Auslenkung, Ansprechzeiten im Bereich von nur 50µs mit Frequenzen von bis zu 50 kHz erlauben kurze Dosierzyklen bei maximaler Dynamik. Der geringe Platzbedarf resultiert in einer sehr kompakten Bauweise und sorgt für maximale Effizenz.

Anwendungsgebiete für Piezo Mikrofluidik Module finden sich neben der Labor- und Medizintechnik auch in industriellen Applikationen (z.B. Beschichtungen). Consumer-Elektronik profitiert ebenso von der hohen Dosiergenauigkeit, der kleinen Baugröße sowie geringer Blasen- bzw. Tropfentoleranz bei einer maximalen Drucksteifigkeit. Piezo Mikroventile und Mikropumpen auf Basis unserer Piezo Aktuatoren können in der Medizin neben extrakorporalen Anwendungen (z.B. Infusionen) auch problemlos und sicher Implantate (z.B. intrakorporale Medikation) bedienen.

Profitieren Sie von unserer langjährigen Erfahrung und erleben Sie schnellste Dosierzyklen mit kürzester Time-to-Market: Vom Systemdesign bis zur kompletten Serienfertigung ist Johnson Matthey Piezo Products ihr Lösungsanbieter und zuverlässiger Partner.