Individual micro-electro-mechanical systems based on Piezo technology
Customized Piezo modules for micro movement, positioning, dosing and atomizing

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Our Piezo standard products and our fundamental parameters on Piezo ceramics and Piezo bending actuators are continuously developed to meet OEM requirements and to fulfil international norms and guidelines. We can easily adapt your requirements to get a maximum optimization throughout all components.

Piezo based solutions can provide a higher level of precision, stability, repeatability and performance, compared to conventional positioning, atomizing or dosing processes! We open up new possibilities for linear, orthogonal and even radial operations in a high bandwidth of working ranges starting at some µm and getting up to several millimetres.

Driven by innovation – proven by experience

With a focus on our customers, your demand for microsystem technology is our core competence! According to your given parameters we will find the best and most affordable solution to realize your product and application idea with the help of Piezo technology.

To suit your needs we offer ideal Piezo ceramics, customized electrode and carrier materials including application relevant coatings. Specified values like deflection, blocking force, operation voltage, size and geometry are individual built according to all respective requirements.

Our electronics laboratory can provide an application-oriented electrical control. With the support of our engineers for mechanics and microsystem technology the perfect integration of Piezo components is always guaranteed!

Feel free to contact us now about your demand for moving, positioning, fluidic dosing or ultrasonic atomizing. Whether you want to develop a new application or for any optimized motion within existing processes – Johnson Matthey Piezo Products will be your solution architect!

Starting the idea – moving the implementation

The level of individualization and flexibility of your Piezo based micro-Electro-Mechanical System (MEMS) can be outstanding!

For further processing and perfect integration we keep the focus on your demand for microsystem technology.

Controllers, housings, connectivity, design or environmental influences and even the economic efficiency are important parameters customized for your demands. We offer the best possible solution starting from conceptional work up to efficiently reliable production of industrial applications or scientific research.

We support our customers in every step of system development and engineering. For a successful application we focus on important aspects to ensure the best possible mounting of Piezo components (e.g. soldering, gluing, clamping) and the ideal electrical contacting methods.

Electromechanical modules
Microfluidic Piezo solutions
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