Microfluidics and medical applications
High dosing accuracy, shortest process cycles and small droplets

Piezo technology suits

perfect for biotech and medical applications

Our Piezoelectric components, bending  actuators and atomizers are perfectly suitable to work precisely and reliably in medical devices and in aerosol therapy. There is a wide range of medical applications where Piezoceramic systems offer the right solutions. Our technology can also be found for intracorporeal applications, for example for biomechanical systems in implants. Piezoceramic components serve both as sensors for organs and as actuators for movements of body parts.

Microfluidics, micro pumps and dosing systems

Piezo technology and piezo actuators are excellent to control and manipulate also very small fluid volumes. The benefits of piezo technology are to be small in size and light, to provide large deflection, high speed, proportionality, energy efficiency, to be silent, durable and antimagnetic with no heat production.

We customize and design according Piezo components and more. In collaboration with you we can develop adequate modules or systems for microfluidics based on today’s technical possibilities.

Since many years we provide piezo components and complete application technology for

  • microfluidic devices
  • micro pumps and
  • dosing systems
  • valves

In addition to extracorporeal applications (e.g. infusions), Piezo technology can also operate implants (e.g. intracorporeal medication) easily and safely. Piezo actuators are also preferred for dosing infusions or medications due to their superb specifications. Smallest micro pumps or tiny dosing systems for infusion technology use the smart properties of the Piezo crystals. Piezo technologies enable the shortest dosing cycles with the most precise quantity definitions in the range of nanoliters and picoliters.

World class science for your health

Piezoceramic components can often be found in laboratory technology, diagnostics and medical technology. The most well-known method of imaging diagnostics is ultrasound screening. Piezo actuators vibrate at high frequency and absorb ultrasonic waves into the human body. The resonances reflecting differently from internal organs are picked up again using the property as a sensor. 

Another very common application are our ultrasonic atomizers within modern medical technology. Medications can be atomized into uniform droplet sizes. The absorption of medication in the lungs is facilitated and the effect is much more effective and efficient. Breathing for the patient is made easier. The ultrasound effect offers a maximum safety in terms of ventilation technology. Together with our customers, we have implemented many solutions, starting with from pocket inhalers and scaling up to clinical inhalation systems. The scope of possible atomization ranges from medication, e.g. for asthma, up to systematic applications. Piezoelectric ultrasonic transducers make it easy to keep the required droplet size constant. The resulting aerosols are extremely homogeneous.

Touching the lives of millions every day

Our Piezo products play a major role in the fight against the SARS COV-2 virus and the resulting lung disease Covid-19. HOERBIGER Flow Control, based in Germany, is a leader in technologies related to pneumatic and hydraulic products that control the flow of air and gases. A piezoelectric valve, which is in great demand due to the international emergency, is essential for the functioning of ventilators and works with bending transducers from Johnson Matthey Piezo Products. Piezo products use the specific physical properties and deform as soon as electrical voltage is applied. When used in valves, our Piezo components are responsible for opening and closing.

JM is an internationally experienced supplier of Piezo solutions — The fact that we can deliver an important contribution to global health with our products makes us proud and grateful at the same time.

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