Piezo Ceramics

Johnson Matthey has over 2,000 different formulations for the production of Piezoelectric Ceramics.

Whether small-scale or large-scale production is chosen will depend on the requirements relating to the type of Piezo Ceramic. Some kinds are continually produced due to the constant demand.

There are two different manufacturing processes available for the production of the Piezo Ceramics: In the case of extrusion where the ceramic powder is compressed before being baked, ceramic parts with a thickness of > 0.2 mm are produced. In the case of moulding the ceramic mass is liquefied and put onto a drying belt, then cut and subsequently baked. This process is suitable for thicknesses < 0.2 mm. Both of these manufacturing processes are continuously in operation at Johnson Matthey.

The piezoelectric ceramics can be manufactured to achieve various shapes and sizes. By selecting a suitable composition, each Piezo Actuator or Piezo Sensor will obtain the required electrical and mechanical properties.

To date Johnson Matthey has produced over 100,000,000 ceramic parts for the most varied Piezo Applications.

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