Energy Harvesting

Piezoproducts announced the development of elements for Energy Harvesting based on innovative German Piezo technology.

Piezoproducts is pleased to announce its development of elements for Energy Harvesting.

Energy Harvesting is the term used for the technology of generating electrical energy directly from environmental energy.

By this means, as in case of energy autarkic radio systems, no batteries are needed.

Piezoelectric energy harvesting uses the direct piezoelectric effect.

This means that a deformation of the piezoceramic or a deformation of the piezoelectric component is used for generating energy.

In the simplest case, when a piezoceramic disc is pressed or pulled in the direction of its thickness, energy is generated. Piezoelectric bending elements as well as torsion elements can also be used. Energy harvesting by piezoceramic can be explained as follows: an electrical charge at the electrodes on the surface of the piezoceramic is generated as a result of a distortion of the lattice structure by deforming the piezoceramic.

The energy harvested by Piezo elements can be used in different applications for powering electronic systems.

Batteries and external power supplies are no longer required.

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